Dr. Duffy’s 2,790mg 30:1 CBD/CBG Capsules 100% THC-Free

From: $119.00 Excludes Sales Tax for 1 year

Our CBD/CBG 30:1 ratio contains 90mg of CBD & 3mg of CBG in each vegetable capsule. In addition to CBD, Cannabigerol (CBG) is another important and non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s been getting a lot of attention among researchers. While CBG is harder to isolate than CBD, CBG is reportedly showing great promise for its potential to reduce discomfort and assist the body’s immune system and it’s also being investigated for its anti-bacterial, bone growth and sedative properties.

Each bottle contains 2790mg of CBD/CBG.




Suggested Use: 1 Capsule Daily. Contains 30mg CBD & 3mg CBG.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides), Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, Hemp CBD & CBG, Vegetable Capsules

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Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

13 reviews for Dr. Duffy’s 2,790mg 30:1 CBD/CBG Capsules 100% THC-Free

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  1. Theresa Steck (verified owner)

    My lower back and neck stiffness/pain, gone! Thank you!

  2. Anna (verified owner)

    I’ve been very pleased with how much it has helped me. Always a reliable product from Dr Duffy’s. Only downside is cost, but it’s pretty comparable to others, so even that isn’t unexpected.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it! Nice to take it in capsule form since you don’t have to figure out drops/dosage.

  4. Carol B. (verified owner)

    I purchased Dr. Duffy’s CBD capsules for my mother’s arthritis pain. I am pleased to report that she noticed pain relief after only a few days use. We will be reordering!

  5. Jason N. (verified owner)

    This product is a game changer for me. I have suffered with medical issues that have caused me a lot of struggles in life for the last ten years. These struggles have decreased my energy, drive, focus, confidence and sex drive.
    Dr Duffy’s CBD/CBG capsules have changed all of that and I could not be more grateful!

    Before this, I didn’t know there was anything that could actually help.
    Thank you!!!

  6. Terri Steck (verified owner)

    I appreciate the purity and potency of this product. Thank you, Dr. Duffy, for making it possible to purchase.

  7. Terri Steck (verified owner)

    I love this product! I don’t have to take OTC med’s for pain.

    • Dr. Duffy’s Dispensary (store manager)

      That’s wonderful to hear!

  8. David King (verified owner)

    I am so happy and grateful to have found such an amazing product! Thank you Dr. Duffy, both for your service to our country and in helping to educate us on the benefits of taking CBD/CBG oil. I was suffering from a painful pinched nerve near my elbow due to over exercise (too many pushups). Fortunately, as I was trying to deal with the discomfort, Channel 9 News ran a segment on the benefits of hemp oil and featured your dispensary. I was then able to go to your website and read the literature you provided. Along with some additional research, I felt very comfortable in making a well informed decision to purchase the 825mg capsules, which have worked wonders and almost completely mitigated my pain. Today, I ordered my second bottle.
    Dave King

    • Dr. Duffy’s Dispensary (store manager)

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Dave, it’s great to hear stories of relief like yours!

  9. Tami Whiting (verified owner)

    I started this combo because I was having weird headaches only on my left side (entire head) and my left eye was verrrry sensitive to light. All cleared up after 2 weeks.

  10. Myriam Alicea-Gomez (verified owner)

    Bought it for my sons, one has autism and anxiety and the other has ADHD and anxiety. They both have been off regular meds for a about 3 months and have started taking Dr. Duffy’s CBD/CBG. They both state that they don’t feel the negative effects such as feeling queasy and their energy being brought down. They both have been doing really well with their school work. Even during this time of quarantine, their anxiety is in check. We are very happy with the results and will continue to use Dr. Duffy’s CBD products.

  11. Myriam Alicea-Gomez (verified owner)

    Loving it! Both boys prefer your CBD over prescription anxiety and ADHD medication. They did not like the way the prescription meds made them feel. They are doing great in school.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Product

  13. Andre (verified owner)

    Good product. No side effects stress and pain relief

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