THC in Full Spectrum CBD


Full Spectrum CBD vs THC: Navigating the Confusion

Understanding the THC Content
in Full Spectrum CBD Products

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding CBD and the amount of THC actually in the products sold. Hemp and marijuana both come from the plant cannabis sativa. Our government arbitrarily decided that if the THC content is less than 0.3% it is Hemp, and legal, and if it is above 0.3% it is Marijuana which is only legal in states that passed medical or full legalization, and it is still illegal federally.  

THC in Full Spectrum CBD

I get questions all the time by our customers if such a minute amount of THC could show up in a drug test.  Because I am in the medical field and could get drug tested at any time, I had the same questions and looked for answers. Prior to launching our CBD business, I could not find any CBD company selling full spectrum products that would guarantee I would not test positive on a drug test.  As I started joining various CBD Facebook groups and inquired, I found that many people complained about testing positive on a drug test after taking full spectrum CBD.  

Full spectrum is defined as CBD plus any other cannabinoid like THC, CBG, CBDa, etc.  It always has some amount of THC in it.  Of course in a perfect world that shouldn’t matter because you aren’t getting the “high” and there are no psychoactive effects.  But we are not in a perfect world.  Most professions drug test prior to employment and randomly throughout employment.  It is not worth losing a job over trace amounts of THC.  

The solution is buying CBD products made with the CBD isolate.  This guarantees you will have absolutely NO THC in your product and you will NOT test positive on a drug test.  And equally important, always ask for a 3rd party lab test for your batch number showing 0% THC proof.  People  are benefitting from zero-THC CBD just as much as full spectrum.

We launched Dr. Duffy’s Dispensary on March 17, 2018 so we could provide the highest quality CBD products that are THC-free while providing proof through 3rd party batch testing.  A customer can match the batch number on their container with the test on our website.  Our customers are Veterans and Active Duty military, medical and business professionals who want the benefits of CBD without the possibility of losing their careers or benefits by testing positive on a drug test.  We are a veteran and women owned business and we source our Hemp from one farm in Colorado so we have the same soil, temperature and water consistency in every batch.  Our farm uses Eco-friendly and organic farming practices and performs annual soil tests for toxins.  I invite you to visit Dr. Duffy’s Dispensary at, read my story, look at the lab tests and products and consider purchasing our products that are pure, potent, priced affordably, and absolutely zero-THC.

Remember, if a company says they have full spectrum/zero THC products, ask for a current lab test!  Some companies seem to believe if there are trace amounts, then it’s zero.  That’s just not true, only zero THC is zero THC….not 0.3%, not 0.2%. Knowledge is power! Know who you are getting your CBD from!

Dr. Patty Duffy DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Co-owner Dr. Duffy’s Dispensary

CBD for People & Pets | A Veteran & Women Owned Business